S&P 500 – 240 – Consolidation

S&P 500 – 240 – Consolidation

S&P 500 SP:SPX

US markets could come under pressure again this week with the US CPI             release that is due to come out on Wednesday.

Even with the recent sell-offs, S&P 500             is still on the overall upwards moving trendline . We would need to see a move back to its recent lows of around 2530 to consider shorting this market again. For now we are quite neutral on the S&P 500             and may trade within a range for the whole Tuesday. This would prepare the index for a potential big move on Wednesday. We can see that on the 4h chart, S&P 500             is within this newly formed descending triangle and we believe that it might stay there for today. It could potentially go to the lows of around 2620 or even 2600.

If there will be something that will round up the bulls today and they will decide to charge the index, then look for a test of the downwards trendline shown on the chart. If this doesn’t hold, then 2670 should be on your radar.

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