French troops kill several terrorists in Mali operation

The Associated Press
Sat, 2018-02-24 03:00

PARIS: France’s armed forces spokesman said that French soldiers killed “around 10” terrorists last week in Mali during an operation near the Niger border.
In comments to the AP on Friday, Col. Eric Steiger said the operation that took place on Saturday against “armed terrorists” in the northeast of the country came three days after another operation in Mali near the Algerian border killed several “enemy combatants” from “a different terrorist group.”
Two members of a French counterterrorism force in Mali were killed on Wednesday after their armored vehicle was hit by an explosive device.
On Friday, the EU pledged an additional €50 million ($61 million) to a joint counterterror force in West Africa’s vast Sahel region — which includes Mali — that has fallen prey to extremists.

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